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George Martin & The Yellow Submarine


While househunting in London in 1996, we went to a cinema in Bayswater to see the film Emma. We saw George Martin in the lobby & my husband, 16 years older than me and a HUGE Beatles fan, had a quiet freakout but managed to restrain himself. We were given assigned seats and went to sit down, directly in front of Sir George and his wife. One of the preview things was on screen Pictionary. The picture that came up was an underwater vehicle in a brilliant golden hue. From behind us we hear “Yellow Submarine” in that deep and mellifluous voice. Moments of extreme but silent giddiness ensued.

A few years later after  we were back in the States and the movie was re-released, we got a poster for it. I emailed Air Studios, relayed the story and asked if I could send the poster with return postage and have it signed. They agreed, because the story amused them as well.

He was a lovely man who was magic when it came to producing the music of those 4 boys from Liverpool.