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If it’s gotta be grey, let it be warm…


We’ve had the drearies for the past couple of days in Maryland – grey skies, cold temperatures.

My thought is, if it’s gotta be grey, at least let it be warm. With this lovely charcoal grey infinity scarf, it can be –



Storage is your friend


I’m compulsively crafty – I knit, make jewelry and do paper craft type stuff. This means that I have loads of yarn, beads, buttons, paper, stamps, diecuts, stickers, embellishments and tools. With the recent move, this meant alot of boxes of stuff, everywhere in our sunroom, which is my new office / workspace.

I finally bit the bullet and hit IKEA. Came home with the giant sized Expedit shelving unit – 25 cubbies in a 6′ square monstrosity. I am a happy bunny – there is room for all my yarn, with access from both front and back. I got bins that fit the cubbies for small stuff and to help keep things together. It’s massive, but it does the trick. Etsy inventory is now divided by style and easily reached. Supplies are logically sorted and logically placed. I can see where everything is with a quick glance.

Front size of Expedit.
Front side of Expedit.
Back side.

Back side.

 The last thing to do will be to print labels for the fronts and backs of all the bins to aid a quick find of whatever is needed for my newest project.