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Eleven minutes of …


If you’re going out, go out big.

Lord_Voldemort7 is similar to…


Checking Lord_Voldemort7’s Twitter today. Saw his latest tweet and giggled and retweeted it – “I should have turned Carmen Sandiego into a horcrux….”

Then I saw below and had a cackling fit –


Lord Voldemort is similar to Snooki from The Jersey Shore. Hee hee hee hee hee hee.

Lord Voldemort is similar to Justin Bieber…


I was just on Twitter and was reading Lord Voldemort’s tweets, as I try to do on a regular basis, when I saw this:

It must be true – Twitter says so.

Apparently, Lord Voldemort is similar to Justin Bieber, or at least to his fans. I don’t think I’m surprised by this revelation, either.