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Mike Nesmith Talks Solo Tour


Mike just posted this on his Facebook page –

Here is the The Spring Tour

Me, Joe Chemay on Bass, Paul Leim on Drums, Boh Cooper on Keys

I’ll post the venues and ticket outlets later today or tomorrow.

This is the tour to break in the show, see if you like it, earn the promoters confidence, and see if anybody comes.

If it goes well we will keep going later in the summer/fall and hit the states we missed on this half-lap of the US.

If it goes poorly we will stare blankly into the future and post pictures of cute animals and food.

Thu-Mar-21 Nashville, TN
Sun-Mar-24 Los Angeles CA
Tue-Mar-26 Santa Cruz CA
Wed-Mar-27 San Francisco CA
Fri-Mar-29 Portland OR
Sat-Mar-30 Seattle WA
Wed-Apr-03 Boulder CO
Fri-Apr-05 Minneapolis MN
Sat-Apr-06 Chicago IL
Sun-Apr-07 Detroit MI
Tue-Apr-09 Munhall, PA
Thu-Apr-11 Northampton, MA
Fri-Apr-12 Rahway, NJ
Sat-Apr-13 Boston, MA
Mon-Apr-15 Philadelphia, PA
Tue-Apr-16 New York, NY
Wed-Apr-17 Alexandria VA

As I’m sure this tour will be a sell out, I’m OK if he goes ahead and posts pics of animals and food anyway…

Mike Nesmith discusses not going away


This is from a Facebook post of Mike’s from 10 minutes ago. (1/13/13)

I thought the man and woman at the door might be from a religious group. To my embarrassment I found myself profiling them before I opened the door.

I was wrong. It was an easy mistake to make, but it turns out they were from TIAPWWGA and told me I had been pre-approved for membership and they were bringing by my free gift. I found out later that acceptance in the club is automatic at a certain age.

I wondered how they got my name and they said they heard I was going on tour in the US this Spring. I wondered where they heard that rumor. “Is it true?” they answered.

Well — yes it is — I have accepted a few dates here for solo concerts starting west and heading east. I’m putting the players together now — about fifteen dates in all.

But I was confused. How did they know about me? Had they gotten my name from someone in my organization that leaked the info? They wouldn’t say. All they said was I was now officially recognized for membership in TIAPWWGA.

If I agreed to accept the membership then I would get free birthday parties, a standing invitation to a senior’s class for learning to line dance, and a bottle of life extender vitamins. A gift value of over twenty dollars. And of course a life subscription to “Irrelevance!” magazine. I would become an official “tapwiggian”

Sounds awful, I told them. They said “suit yourself ” and asked if they could leave a pamphlet anyway. They had to get to the UK and report back to mocking headquarters.

After they left I sat down and stared out the window for a long time at the fish eating my furniture. Dale came by with the skunk, but they were no help. (I think the skunk might be a jerk.) I was scared. Should I be going on tour? What should I do?

My songs are now almost as old as I am, but they still are frisky and alive.They have matured gracefully in my eyes like wonderful children. I know what cool kids look like as grown ups — I have four human ones and they are all aces — and the songs all have the same claim to my heart.

Rejection is soul-crushing — most certainly. But there is no way to avoid it. We all reject each other from time to time for any number of reasons. Obviously in those times its best to turn to those who accept us.

Public humiliation is part of the performing game — sometimes you eat the crow and not the bear. It’s dangerous but exhilarating — and the songs all want to go.

So, I finally decided, yes, I will gather them up and venture forth right after the Spring Equinox for fifteen US concerts — and hope for the best.

I will touch down lightly in the venues, let the songs play, then move on. I’ll avoid the spotlight and let the songs have their day.

I’m relieved I caught the TIAPWWGA representatives here at home before they came to a show, but I still feel their lurking presence, ready to induct me into their club. It haunts me.

I have no desire to become an official member of The International Association of People Who Wont Go Away.

The Monkees – Sunny Girlfriend


I’m writing this post Saturday morning, before we leave for the Monkees’ Show in Huntington, NY. We’re on our way home Sunday morning. I’m hoping we had a great time and that I have tons of pics and videos to share.

In the meantime, here’s another Nez song from the tour – Sunny Girlfriend.

The Monkees – Sweet Young Thing


I’m on my way to see the Monkees tonight in Huntington, NY.

I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! (Hi, my name is Kara and I have had a thing for Mike Nesmith for, well, 86% of my life.)

Here they are from 11/11 in Cupertino, CA, performing Sweet Young Thing  – it’s kinda acoustic and it showcases Peter’s banjo playing.


Monkees Tour Set List


The hubster sent me a set list from one of the Monkees shows that’s already occurred.

Last Train to Clarksville
Papa Gene’s Blues
Your Auntie Grizelda
Sweet Young Thing
I’m a Believer
(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone
I Wanna Be Free (video featuring Davy Jones)
You Told Me
Sunny Girlfriend
You Just May Be the One
Mary, Mary
The Girl I Knew Somewhere
For Pete’s Sake
Early Morning Blues and Greens
Randy Scouse Git
Daily Nightly
Tapioca Tundra
Goin’ Down
Porpoise Song (Theme from Head)
Daddy’s Song
Can You Dig It?
Circle Sky
Do I Have to Do This All Over Again?
Daydream Believer
What Am I Doing Hangin’ ‘Round?

Listen to the Band
Pleasant Valley Sunday

The first thing that jumped out at me was “You Told Me”. Thought I’d go to youtube and find a video from the original show. HAH. I can do you one better – a video from their Escondido show on 11/8/12.