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The Idea – It’s About that Time


Here’s another tune from Yuletunes – a compilation of Holiday themed pop songs. It was produced by Jeff Murphy of Shoes fame and you can buy the CD from the band’s website – Shoeswire.com. It’s chock full of sing along, dance around tunes.

Here’s a review of the CD I found – “Original pop/rock songs with a Christmas theme. Melodic, harmony-laden, power-pop Christmas songs from some of the best bands in the genre. A holiday classic. You’ve probably heard these at the mall over the years and didn’t even know it. –CD Baby”

One of the songs is by The Idea and is called It’s About That Time. The first time I heard it, at a Bugaboo Creek restaurant in Atlanta, I shushed my family as soon as I heard the opening guitar sound, I was all “This is a Shoes riff and that might be Jeff Murphy singing.” I already owned the CD, which I hadn’t listened to in its entirety, so started listening to it once we got home and discovered that it wasn’t Jeff singing but it was a Shoes riff. Realized it was from The Things You Do.

I was so jazzed that I immediately emailed Black Vinyl Records with the story and was thrilled to get a response from Jeff himself. 🙂

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