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Congratulations, you passed Algebra.


I’m currently taking a College Math Course that is a combo Algebra / Statistics class. We spent 5 weeks cramming Algebra, finishing with a Competency Exam. If you pass the Exam, you move on in the class. If you fail, get out, be gone, you are finished.

I spent 10-15 hours a week studying and went to the second math lecture multiple times. My hard work paid off – I got a 100 on the Exam.

Today, the Professor congratulated those of us who passed and then spent a good 30 minutes telling us how hard Statistics is going to be. She then showed us the grades of her Spring Class. Kids who got high 90’s on the Algebra exams became C students with grades in the 70’s. I don’t want to be like that. I’m so jazzed that I finally get math that I want to continue with my high A’s. Looks like I’ll be spending more like 15-20 hours a week studying this next part of the class.