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New dog, continued


We picked Bear up at the vet yesterday. He needed to be fixed before he could come home with us. They said he’d be a little bit out of it from anesthesia. He and Morgan met and got along well. She wanted to play with him but he’s not supposed to jump around yet due to stitches.

He was wearing the cone of shame this morning and was crashing into everything as he meandered through the house. He’s also just realized that not only is Morgan a fun dog, but she’s a fun girl dog. He has turned into a hump monster. She takes it as playing though and spins out of his lecherous grasp every time. He’s on pain meds so I’m keeping him in his kennel when he’s not outside doing stuff.

As the cone of shame was too destructo – he kept bouncing into everything, we have gotten him a collar of jauntiness. It amuses me.

*Updated – and in the end, the collar of jauntiness does not work on long limbed dogs.  Back to Petsmart it will go.