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Cheap Trick – Fillmore Silver Spring


After seeing Kathy Valentine’s pictures with the members of Cheap Trick this morning on Facebook, I realized I never wrote about the silliness at the Cheap Trick show I went to last December.

I’ve loved Cheap Trick for years – since middle school – but for some reason or another had never seen them in concert. Made sure to get to the venue early for a front row spot. Was probably about the tenth person in line. Once we got in, I immediately ran to the stage and placed myself between where  Rick and Robin would be.

The show was awesome. The guys played great, Robin sounded amazing. Rick’s guitars were as much of a show as he was.

Before the encore, Rick came out, holding a towel and a bottle of water.

He took a sip from the bottle and chucked it off stage. It literally flew into my hand and I caught it with only a drop spilled. I held it the rest of the concert.

When it was over, the woman I’d been standing next to and I had a chat about the bottle. I said that I really hoped that he didn’t have cooties as I was really thirsty and was gonna drink it. She said he probably didn’t have cooties and then I said that if he did, they’d be really cool cooties. I drank it on the drive home. I was hoping that perhaps I’d wake up and be a guitar virtuoso but alas, it was not to be.

I did keep the bottle.