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Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince


Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince


So, just back from first day viewing of the movie. Once again, although I did enjoy it, I’m disappointed. Why do they add stuff, change stuff and remove stuff? Honestly. I know taking a book to a movie is hard work but I really feel it could be done a little bit more faithfully.

SPOILER ALERT – don’t read below if you’ve not seen it….

Why did they destroy the Weasley house? What? The house is never destroyed in the books. Why was Bellatrix there? She shouldn’t have been.

Why were the whole Ron / Hermione &  Harry / Ginny things so played up? With H&G, it was subtle in the book and then boom, they happen after the Quidditch game. With R&H, she wasn’t supposed to be so weepy and open about it. Just mad and more subdued. Kind of like “You idiot, can’t you see that I’ve been mad for you since we were preteens?”

No battle at the end? No, you have to have the DA fighting Death Eaters. Where’s Bill? (For that matter, where is Fleur?) I knew something was wrong when Harry drank the whole bottle of Felix Felicis. Could have taken out the Weasley house destruction and had a couple of minutes of action in the corridors.

How is Harry supposed to know about the other horcruxes? There was no Hokey the house elf memory visitation, no discussion with Dumbledore. That means a loose end to wrap up in the next movie. Would have been easier to at least have Dumbledore make a comment about belongings of other Hogwarts’ founders.

Tonks and Remus are now magically a couple? No talk of her working at Hogwarts as protection? No fighting to make Remus believe they belong with each other. Nope, just poof and they’re together. They could have added a “so happy to see you married” or something but instead they had to go and blow up the house.

I could go on but it will just depress me. Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing the books up on the big screen, I just wish they’d stay truer to the story, it’s not as if they didn’t have alot of wonderful material to work with.