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The Monkees – Peter Tork


I was a child of the 1970s. Reruns of The Monkees show were a highlight of my tv viewing youth.

Yesterday, Peter Tork died. I think Neil Gaiman said it really well –

I got to see them in 1986 when it was Davy, Micky, and Peter. Even better, I got to see them in London in 1997 when the 4 had a reunion for Justus. The show was phenomenal.

Monkees Tour 2013 Set List


The Monkees had their first show of their 2013 Tour last night at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, New York. Rolling Stone has already put a review up.

They include a set list.

“Last Train To Clarksville”
“Papa Gene’s Blues”
“Your Auntie  Grizelda”
“The Kind Of Girl I Could Love”
“Sweet Young  Thing”
“I’m a Believer”
“(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone”
“You Told  Me”
“Sunny Girlfriend”
“You Just May Be the One”
“Mary, Mary”
“The  Girl I Knew Somewhere”
“Early Morning Blues And Greens”
“Randy Scouse  Git”
“For Pete’s Sake”
“No Time”
“Daily Nightly”
“Tapioca  Tundra”
“Goin’ Down”
“Porpoise Song”
“Can You Dig It? ”
“Circle  Sky”
“As We Go Along”
“Daddy’s Song” (video montage from Head)
“Long Title: Do I Have to Do This  All Over Again”
“Daydream Believer”
“What Am I Doing Hangin’ ‘Round?”

“Listen To The Band”
“Peter Percival Patterson’s Pet Pig  Porky”
“Pleasant Valley Sunday”

They’ve added WORDS, one of my favorite Micky songs. I love this song so much, I quoted it on my Senior yearbook page. Also love Peter’s bits – I prefer his serious singing over his silly stuff.

The Monkees – Sweet Young Thing


I’m on my way to see the Monkees tonight in Huntington, NY.

I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! (Hi, my name is Kara and I have had a thing for Mike Nesmith for, well, 86% of my life.)

Here they are from 11/11 in Cupertino, CA, performing Sweet Young Thing  – it’s kinda acoustic and it showcases Peter’s banjo playing.


Monkees Tour Set List


The hubster sent me a set list from one of the Monkees shows that’s already occurred.

Last Train to Clarksville
Papa Gene’s Blues
Your Auntie Grizelda
Sweet Young Thing
I’m a Believer
(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone
I Wanna Be Free (video featuring Davy Jones)
You Told Me
Sunny Girlfriend
You Just May Be the One
Mary, Mary
The Girl I Knew Somewhere
For Pete’s Sake
Early Morning Blues and Greens
Randy Scouse Git
Daily Nightly
Tapioca Tundra
Goin’ Down
Porpoise Song (Theme from Head)
Daddy’s Song
Can You Dig It?
Circle Sky
Do I Have to Do This All Over Again?
Daydream Believer
What Am I Doing Hangin’ ‘Round?

Listen to the Band
Pleasant Valley Sunday

The first thing that jumped out at me was “You Told Me”. Thought I’d go to youtube and find a video from the original show. HAH. I can do you one better – a video from their Escondido show on 11/8/12.

Mike Nesmith Touring with the Monkees Broke Ticketmaster


As I blogged this past Wednesday, Michael Nesmith posted on Facebook that he would be doing twelve shows late this year with Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork. As they don’t, at this time at least, have any shows scheduled for the DC area, the hubster and I decided that a Friday show in NJ would be the best bet.

I am a Ticketmaster pro. In the old days before the internet (yes, there used to be a time when everyone did not have a computer in their home), I’d head to the local TM outlet and wait in line for tickets. Then they went online and I learned to have the page loaded and to keep refreshing at onsale time. I’ve snagged second row seats to shows, fifth row to Paul McCartney, more ticket #1’s to general admission shows than I can count – it’s usually not an issue.

The word must have been out about these tickets going on sale. I have never, ever gotten a pop-up from Ticketmaster telling me basically to just relax as so many people are trying to buy tickets. I have never ever had the Captchas load so freaking slowly. I have never ever had so many pages that said from the first search right as tickets go on sale “nothing available”. I searched for 10 minutes before finally seeing a single seat available in what had to be the last row of the venue. After about 30 minutes what did I see?

SOLD OUT. In about 30 minutes. Man…

OK. On to venue choice number 2 – Huntington, NY. Their onsale was at 10:30. Again – with searching best available – nothing to look at, search after search. Finally found seats in the balcony in the back. Not worth it. Next show choice is Chicago with onsale at 11:00. My initial thought was tie the show in to a weekend visit with the big kid. After about six empty searches found seats about 30 rows back. Then I realized I’d have to pay $1,000 in airline tickets to get there. As the Medium Fry is in school, we’d have to fly in the afternoon of the show. In November. To Chicago. With my luck, there’d be a snowstorm here and there and we’d miss it. No Chicago for us.

As this is a concert I do not want to miss, I sucked it up and went to StubHub. I found 6th row seats at the Huntington Show. I would love to ask the seller what their secret is to Ticketmaster.