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Not an approved diet plan


We just got back from a weeklong cruise. My husband and I had dinner in the dining room every night except one, when we went to the Steakhouse for a special meal. The other 6 nights were spent one table away from one of the most obnoxious women I’ve ever had the “pleasure” of being repulsed by.

She was cruising with her two sons and her parents. Older son, about 12, was a little on the chubby side. The younger one was a dead ringer for the boy in the movie Little Man Tate, with Jodie Foster. He was probably about 8. Super cute and super trim.

This woman, to put it politely, was, well, round. I do not have a problem with overweight people, each to their own. I do, however, have an issue with whiny, demanding people who must speak louder than anyone in their vicinity.

Every night it was the same thing. Going over the menu with the boys, she would announce what they were going to get because “I want to taste that.” I swear, she had 5 plates in front of her one night. God forbid one of the boys was actually enjoying his meal, she’d insist that it was now time for them to share it with her.

There’s a show in the UK called You are What You Eat. The hostess of this show always has this “Ta Da” moment where she has the client stand in front of a table that is full of what that person has eaten for the past week. If she did that for this woman, it would have to be set up on a buffet station. At least 10 orders of shrimp, countless steaks, salads covered in Blue Cheese Dressing, potatoes smothered in butter and sour cream, the list goes on.

I’m happy to say I never saw her eating during breakfast or lunch. I’m sure I would have lost my appetite. I hope the boys finally got a decent meal when they got back home.