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Spice Girls at the Closing Ceremony


I’m not a big Olympics fan. I never watch any of the coverage, winter or summer. However, having lived in London for a year, I wanted to watch the opening and closing ceremonies. So glad I did – I greatly enjoyed The Queen and her “Good evening, Mr. Bond.” moment. And last night, well, the Spice Girls rocked the house. Yeah, yeah, I know I know but I love them. They’ve all come so far – they’ve had solo careers, babies etc. Anyway. Just wanted you to be able to Spice Up Your Life.

Updated – I had an English video up and that got pulled so I found a French one but that one got pulled as well. Finally found the video on NBC –


The IOC needs to get with the worldwide program and make everything accessible to everyone.

Updated 8/10/15 – with the news that the Girls are planning a reunion tour, I found a BBC video – much better to see them with commentary from people of the homeland.

The Olympics, The Queen and James Bond


I follow Maureen Johnson on Twitter. She lives in England part of the year and tweeted a link yesterday that allowed us to see the Olympic Opening Ceremonies live online. I usually don’t watch these or any of the games for that matter but as they were London based, I was curious. The production was so over the top that I really couldn’t watch it straight through so would toggle between different windows.

I came back to it at one point and there were Corgies on screen. “Corgies? That can only mean The Queen.” Then Daniel Craig appeared in the shot. Oh Em Gee. Best part of the show!!

“Good evening, Mr. Bond.”