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Rainbow Love, Day 15


This morning, I was busy freaking out after learning out that Shoes are playing in New York in May. What with buying a ticket to the show, booking Amtrak, finding a hotel and mapping out the best subway route to take, I got to my daily card a little bit later than usual. When I walked over to my table of craftiness, the first thing that caught my eye was the negative of a heart die-cut. Et VOILA, my card. (Day 15 of my Rainbow Love Challenge.)

Xerox Flecs cardstock, Lion Seamaid Ribbon, TPC Hugs and Kisses in VersaColor Black with Hampton Arts Clear Embossing Powder. Distress Inks Barn Door, Marmalade, Mowed Lawn, Faded Jeans, Dusty Concord.

The Dollyrots – Twist Me to the left


I love the Dollyrots. They make fun music. You can jump up and down to their stuff and it makes you happy.

They’ve just released the video for their song “Twist Me to the Left”. This song totally deserves to be a summer hit. Let us try our best to make it so.

The Dollyrots on Facebook

35 Years – The Definitive Shoes Collection 1977-2012


Shoes and Real Gone Music announce the upcoming release of “35 Years: The Definitive Shoes Collection 1977-2012”, a 21-song chronicle of both indie and major label recordings by Shoes.


Shoes – The Joke’s On You


A new video is up from Shoes’ new album Ignition. The Joke’s On You.

The Joke’s On You
Lyrics by Shoes

Composed by Jeff Murphy


You might find another noble cause
To hang upon your wall
And fill your hallowed halls

But in time your words will seal your fate
So I’m picking up the pace
And laughing in your face

‘Cause the joke’s on you
That’s the way it goes
When everybody knows
That the joke’s on you

I don’t need to say
That it’s funny how things change
Your point of view
When the joke’s on you

Now the joke’s on you
Strange to think that how
It’s not so funny now
That the joke’s on you

I was your amusement for a while
Now you can’t crack a smile
I’m laughing all the while

You can’t see the forest for your needs
Despite your desperate pleas
It just occurred to me

Now the joke’s on you
It’s right before your eyes
It comes as no surprise
That the joke’s on you

Now you know
That it’s funny how love goes
From hot to cold

When the joke’s on you
That’s the way it goes
When everybody knows
That the joke’s on you

Now the joke’s on you
The joke’s on you


Jeff: lead/backing vocals, electric 12-string guitars, acoustic guitar
Gary: backing vocals, electric guitars (includes lead)
John: backing vocals, bass

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Shoes – Hot Mess Video


Another video is up from the new Shoes album Ignition. It’s for Hot Mess. Do you like cats? You’ll like this video

Hot Mess
Lyrics by Shoes

Composed by Murphy/Klebe/Murphy


She’s got good motor skills
When she’s stuffed to the gills
So honey say what you will

She’s no stranger to pain
She sleeps in the rain
‘Cause she’s got nothin’ to gain

Ooh she’s a hot mess
Been tryin’ to pin her down
Such a hot mess
She’s bound to be makin’ rounds

She’s a hot mess

She does her personal best
With stains on her dress
She’s a reliable wreck

She’s been payin’ her dues
With her skanky tattoos
And her sensible shoes


She lets her juices flow
When she’s layin’ low
Cuz that’s how she rolls

She’s got a lopsided grin
When she don’t know where she’s been
She’s my possible kin


She comes across as a man
With her spray-on tan
But she don’t give a damn

She wears her hair in a bun
When she gets the job done
She takes no shit from no one


She’s a hot mess
Couldn’t care less
Makes a hot mess


John: lead vocal, bass, handclaps
Gary: electric guitars
Jeff: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars (includes lead), handclaps

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