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The Monkees Live – Sweet Young Thing – Huntington, NY


Song #2 in my week of Live Monkees from the Huntington, NY show is Sweet Young Thing.

I had a woman in front of me who spent the night thinking she was on an audition for Psychedelic Go-Go dancer. Her hands make an appearance. The video is jerky as I tried to keep the camera away from her.

The Monkees Live – She – Huntington, NY


Back from a fabulous weekend in New York. The Monkees put on a great show Saturday night. Mike Nesmith sounded wonderful and looked like he was having loads of fun.

I got a few songs on video and will be posting them this week. The first is She. I missed the opening notes but Micky did an awesome rendition.

The Monkees – Sunny Girlfriend


I’m writing this post Saturday morning, before we leave for the Monkees’ Show in Huntington, NY. We’re on our way home Sunday morning. I’m hoping we had a great time and that I have tons of pics and videos to share.

In the meantime, here’s another Nez song from the tour – Sunny Girlfriend.

The Monkees – Sweet Young Thing


I’m on my way to see the Monkees tonight in Huntington, NY.

I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! (Hi, my name is Kara and I have had a thing for Mike Nesmith for, well, 86% of my life.)

Here they are from 11/11 in Cupertino, CA, performing Sweet Young Thing  – it’s kinda acoustic and it showcases Peter’s banjo playing.


Mike Nesmith on great reviews and happy touring


Mike posted this on his Facebook page on 11/25/12. Happiness.

 Its hard to describe how much fun I am having performing and playing music live to an audience.

The Monkees concerts are so gratifying, as are my solo shows. There is a reciprocity in a live show that is not approachable from any other direction than live and real time.

The writer for the Chicago Tribune really caught the spirit. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-11-17/entertainment/ct-ent-1119-monkees-review-20121118_1_tork-and-nesmith-monkees-daydream-believer

Can’t wait to get to NYC. Thinking maybe I’ll set up a solo tour for the US.

Thanks for all the support and wonderful response.

Monkees Tour Set List


The hubster sent me a set list from one of the Monkees shows that’s already occurred.

Last Train to Clarksville
Papa Gene’s Blues
Your Auntie Grizelda
Sweet Young Thing
I’m a Believer
(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone
I Wanna Be Free (video featuring Davy Jones)
You Told Me
Sunny Girlfriend
You Just May Be the One
Mary, Mary
The Girl I Knew Somewhere
For Pete’s Sake
Early Morning Blues and Greens
Randy Scouse Git
Daily Nightly
Tapioca Tundra
Goin’ Down
Porpoise Song (Theme from Head)
Daddy’s Song
Can You Dig It?
Circle Sky
Do I Have to Do This All Over Again?
Daydream Believer
What Am I Doing Hangin’ ‘Round?

Listen to the Band
Pleasant Valley Sunday

The first thing that jumped out at me was “You Told Me”. Thought I’d go to youtube and find a video from the original show. HAH. I can do you one better – a video from their Escondido show on 11/8/12.

Mike on touring with the Monkees


Mike posted this on his Facebook page yesterday – 11/14/12.

Off to Minn Cleve Chi and Buffalo.

So far its been lots of fun –especially the Greek. I had a great time skating the stage in my Jimmy Choos and Mooging the Nightly — there is something particularly fun to me about an outdoor venue.

All my kids are in LA as well and were there — another plus. I am so happy Christian, my son and Jessica, my daughter are working on the tour with me.

The thing about Monkees music is there is no “thing” about it. It just sits there like a kid with chocolate all over its face and smiles.

Thanks to the critic at examiner.com for picking up on all this. Thanks to all of you grown-ups for letting the inner child take control for an evening. Thanks to all the children for being children.

Mike as Moog


Mike Nesmith posted this on his Facebook page earlier today.

Facebook has its charms — but it sets up a kind of spoiler/non-spoiler dynamic that takes some time and management un-anticipated a few years ago.

What I mean is that when Mick and I started doing the Mike as Moog bit in rehearsals we couldn’t get through the song for laughing. Then when Peter joined up he started laughing really hard as well.

So, we decided to do it for the show since it was so much fun. Mick and I set up a little routine to introduce it that included some old sort of corny show biz tricks — fun and goofy, but pretty well worn out — and we launched it at Escondido.

Predictably it was really laugh out loud funny and we had a great time doing it — and the audience all did great coffee, coke, and water spits.

Mick and I are almost use to it, but but we still get the “knobs” — those little tired muscles on each cheek that start to ache after a smile sticks around for about an hour. The “knobs” are a Bill Martin conceit (Elephant Parts) that has persisted because of its almost perfectly accurate description of an indescribable thing.

Mick and I get the knobs every time we do the bit. After the Escondido premier of Mike as Moog — the whole audience started getting the knobs — and we felt we were set to do MAM for the whole run — all the way to NYC.

Then somebody posted the Escondido bit on FB and — and, oops, there we were — the corny set up gag was blown so Mick and I had to figure our way around it.

I know a lot of you have no idea what I’m talking about –but I can’t help you in this post — so for those of you who do, here’s what we came up with:

We figure that Mike as Moog had a genuinely funny origin — I just started doing it while Micky was singing Daily Nightly and we started laughing so hard we couldn’t finish — that was all quite real and it was only the set-up we wrote together that went stale the moment the FB post of the Escondido show went up — so we decided to drop the set-up and just do Mike as Moog.

MAM is funny on its own anyway — and it adds to merriment of the moment without a word being spoken.

I have been practicing Moog bleeps and warps to gather some vocabulary.

I am surprised how many of them sound like the distressed laughter of chickens. Distressed laughter = laughing till you choke.

Not sure what all this signifies — but the 2012 Monkees Tour continues its unfoldment in the strangest of ways.

See you out there — way out there.


Here’s my video of Mike as Moog –


Mike Nesmith gets ready to tour


Mike posted this on his Facebook page yesterday, 11/7/12.

Here we go — Monkees on tour. Tonight at Escondido we’ll do a dress rehearsal for friends and family — then tomorrow we kick-off.

So far so good. Back up band sounds good. Mick and Pete are in fine form. I’m happy and working hard to learn all the songs — its been a long time, but I’m getting up to speed.

We got our security passes yesterday. I chose 010 — we have a hundred — numbered 001 to 100 — so I thought 010 would be a good one — since that is 4 — a little Davy token there. (ask a computer scientist — they will explain). Turns out Jessica, my daughter, chose the same number, but I excercised RHIP and glommed it from her anyway. She wanted it because her “number” is 10. I have no idea what she means by that — but she meant something. She usually does. She took 055.

Yesterday she brought some friends to rehearsal just as we were doing Daydream Believer and Micky held the microphone for one of them to sing along. It was delightfully awkward. Almost bizarrely awkward. I’m so glad Mike never heard back from Kevin Spacey.

All my kids and grand-kid have stopped by — listened and took pictures and offered constructive insults. Its been fun — and Christian has been a real plus for the back up band and its great having him here — and Jessica is working in the management.

I’ts one way to keep the kids around — play in a band and go on tour.

We will all be on the road as of this morning and it should be great fun.

I imagine much of this post seems obscure and cryptic to many — but that’s because a lot of it is Monkee-speak. Obsessed Monkees fans will know what it refers to — so you will have to ask one of them.

You can join if you’d like. Here are the chapters:

Sing no Evil.
Dance no evil.
Smell no evil.
Believe no evil.

Which one are you?

You will also have to learn the theme:

“We’re the past generation — and we’ve gone predictably strange.”

See you at the shows.

Mike Nesmith in conversation with himself


Mike Nesmith posted this on Facebook yesterday, 11/02/2012. I so can’t wait for a month from now when I get to see him in NY.

Dear Mike.

I remember you and I see you over there with that grin and twinkle in your eye, getting ready to channel Mike for the whole month of November.

Now that I’m back from the UK and my solo concerts (yes I had a wonderful time, thanks!) you just can’t wait to get out with “the boys” and see what kind of trouble you can get into — I know.

But here’s the thing, Mike. You can only take this thing so far. First of all you’re grown up, and you should know better. And second, there are people who don’t like you fooling with their Monkees.

Yes, the show looks great — the way the boys have it set it up sounds like a lot of fun, and goes to the heart of the whole phenomenon. And yes, I have no doubt you will make a lot of Monkees fans very very happy — you might even make a lot of non-Monkees fans happy, with all the footage from the sixties and the video screen and the back-up band. Especially the Headquarters segment and Head.

(You know of course that Christian is playing with the back up band, and I particularly do not want you to embarrass him.)

But — listen up! That whole FB thing you pulled about Daydream Believer with Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Spacey and all; that was really childish.

I know very well that you and the boys had already decided how to handle the Davy part of the show with a lot of love and respect and kndness and care — and I know the Daydream Believer kerfuffle you caused was just a prank– that the whole thing was well settled before you started all those hi-jinx. I know, but still — you couldn’t resist. I’m sure you thought it was very funny.

But sometimes Mike, you mistake beign the smart Monkee for being the smart-alec Monkee, and that really confuses people. It’s fun for you, I know, but just keep it cool.

I want you to go out there, and play those great old songs, and behave yourself. They are even playing some of the obscure things I wrote, like Tapioca Tundra, and I would appreciate it if you would just do the song like I wrote it and show a little restraint.

And Daily Nightly.

Especially Daily Nightly, the one with Micky’s first moog. That was a very special song to me, Mike — it said something deep and important about the whole sixties Sunset Strip thing. Listen to me! I’m not kidding. Don’t go messing around with that.

You remember the Strip, right. That’s one of the places where you were born. So, show some respect — you can play around all you want — but just remember, The Monkees meant a lot to a lot of people and a lot of them don’t want you fooling around with it.

Do you hear me?

Mike? Mike? Are you listening to me?