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Vintage Ernest Sohn Cheese Board


I listed this in my vintage shop yesterday.

It’s a walnut cheese board by Ernest Sohn. The flower tile is actually enameled copper and is so brilliant color wise. I wish the image was a match to the various dinnerware patterns that I collect because I would keep it.

Also – a learning experience. The signature on the reverse looks like Ernest John but the first letter is actually a stylized S, as I discovered as I found items online that still had their boxes.

I need to have a cocktail party.


I’ve mentioned my penchant for things of a vintage nature. I love old glass and pottery, formica tables and cool old chairs. I also have a serious weakness for vintage stainless steel. If it has teak trim – bestill my heart.

I got this tray a couple of months ago –

I knew it would go well with these pieces – serving bowl and relish tray –

Yesterday, I hit my favorite thrift on sale day. They had these sets in bags. I knew I liked them, based simply on shape. It wasn’t until I got them home that I realized how much I liked them.

How freakishly practical is that? Small snack plates that are stored in a box as shown below but set up on a buffet table as shown above. I love that the base has slots for the plates and holes for the forks. I can imagine a group of hip and happening people using these in the ’60’s. I so need to have a cocktail party now.