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Julie & Julia


So, just returned home from the movie Julie & Julia. Very sweet. Loved seeing Julia “become” Julia. Julie’s story was fun as well. I’ve found her blog and have gone back to the beginning so that I can read it in order. http://blogs.salon.com/0001399/2002/08/25.html

Regarding the movie. I was amused at what they did to Meryl to give her Julia’s height. Her platform shoes were awesome, and very time period specific. I loved that they camouflaged her legs and feet with scenery when she was stationary. I’m thinking this was to hide the box that she was standing on. Stanley Tucci was amazing as always, although I was disturbed by the preview of Lovely Bones that was shown just before this movie where he apparently is the killer of a young girl. Hard to reconcile creepy Stanley with charming Stanley.

Great movie for foodies, people in need of a calm couple of hours and fans of any of the stars. You won’t be disappointed.