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Spice Girls at the Closing Ceremony


I’m not a big Olympics fan. I never watch any of the coverage, winter or summer. However, having lived in London for a year, I wanted to watch the opening and closing ceremonies. So glad I did – I greatly enjoyed The Queen and her “Good evening, Mr. Bond.” moment. And last night, well, the Spice Girls rocked the house. Yeah, yeah, I know I know but I love them. They’ve all come so far – they’ve had solo careers, babies etc. Anyway. Just wanted you to be able to Spice Up Your Life.

Updated – I had an English video up and that got pulled so I found a French one but that one got pulled as well. Finally found the video on NBC –


The IOC needs to get with the worldwide program and make everything accessible to everyone.

Updated 8/10/15 – with the news that the Girls are planning a reunion tour, I found a BBC video – much better to see them with commentary from people of the homeland.