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Blue October played along


I saw Blue October at the Fillmore Silver Spring last night. They did a meet and greet before the show. We saw a three song soundcheck that included Things We Don’t Know About plus two other songs that have slipped from my head. I know, shame on me. Then we got a poster for Sway signed.

Once the poster was signed, we got back into line to get a picture taken with the band.

I’m a photo-phobe. For years, I’ve simply avoided having my picture taken – I’ve been like this since I was a teeny peep. At a wedding in 2009, my husband took a picture of the back of my head and it became my favorite. I decided earlier this year that if picture taking was going to occur, I’d just stand with my back to the camera.

I’ve explained to people I’ve been with since that that’s how I’m going to stand. They always ask why and I just tell them “It’s what I do.” I’ve had my picture taken with Nia Vardalos this way – she faced the camera so she could hold up her bestselling book Instant Mom. I also met Michael Nesmith and once I offered him the chance to stand with his back to the camera, he totally did.

So, anyway, we were all in line for our pic with Blue October. Generally, people were standing between Justin and Jeremy. Justin would reach out to put his arm around them and the pic would quickly be taken. Once it was my turn, I walked up to them and said “I’m going to stand with my back to the camera. Justin asked why but once I answered, he simply turned around as well. Then someone said “We should all just turn around.” Jeremy suggested that we could all look over our shoulders. I explained that that wasn’t how it worked and Click, the picture was taken. I ❤ people who are willing to play along.

The concert was outstanding. The band was super tight and Justin was in top form, even though the crowd was filled with drunk people who kept screaming his name throughout the entire show – like before and after every song. It got very old, very quickly. I have to hope that some of these people will be embarassed for themselves as they watch their cell phone videos and listen to all their slurring and screechy “Woooooooooooos”.

Here’s a video of Angels in Everything shot by someone at the show –

The night ended with me getting Justin’s setlist.

A wonderful evening, to be sure.

Michael Nesmith is the Awesome


So, the hubster and I had tickets to the Michael Nesmith show that was at the Birchmere last night.

He was in top form, performing loads of solo stuff that spanned his 50 year career. He started the show by explaining that all his songs are like mini movies in his head. Before each one, he’d explain the vignette to us. So cool – it totally puts you in the right frame of mind for the song. One of my favorite songs from the setlist is Silver Moon. When I knew he was coming up to that point, I shot video of the explanation. (I absolutely adore his speaking voice. He could read a dictionary to me and I’d be spellbound.)

We also had passes to the Meet & Greet after the show. Strict rule – 1 Monkees item only, unlimited solo stuff. My husband was in line ahead of me. I shot video of his time with Nez. The beginning of it amuses me – his handler, Tori, asked why I was so serious, I whispered my response – “Because that’s Michael Freaking Nesmith.”

Notice that I didn’t drop the camera or squee like a fangirl when he smiled and waved at me…

When it was my turn, I had him sign the Monkees poster that I had in my room in the late 1980’s. Per my somewhat unusual request, he personalized it with “Listen to the Band”.

I explained that years of thought had gone into a tattoo decision and that I’d had an epiphany earlier in the day – the phrase / title “Listen to the Band” pretty much sums up everything in regards to music for me. Having that phrase written in his handwriting would allow me a very personalized tattoo that would really never go out of fashion.

**Updated 5/24/13 – here’s the tattoo a month later. I smile every time I see it. (The “Nez” was copied from our autographed Elephant Parts DVD.)**

The final wonderful moment of the night? I hate having my picture taken. At my brother in law’s wedding a few of years ago, my husband got a shot of me that has become my favorite. It’s been my FB profile pic for 4 years.

I pulled out my phone, showed Michael the picture and asked if he minded if I stood like that in the picture with him. I then said he could stand with his back to the camera as well. Guess what? HE TOTALLY PLAYED ALONG. He was even concerned that he wasn’t positioned like me.

How AWESOME is he? This is now my FB cover picture and I’ve cropped myself a new Profile shot.

He is absolutely gracious and kind. If you get a chance to meet him, please do. Make sure you treat him as personably as he treated us.