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The Let’s Pretend This Never Happened Book Trailer


I was on Twitter this morning and saw Amanda Palmer tweeting about a show she did in Manchester. Here is her PSA on concert attendance – “PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT TO EVERYBODY ATTENDING MARATHON ROCK & ROLL SHOWS: DO NOT FORGET TO EAT & HYDRATE. OR YOU MIGHT FAINT. THE END“.

This got me thinking about how much I enjoyed her appearance in the book trailer for “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” by Jenny Lawson / The Bloggess. I then realized that I never posted this video here. That of course, is because at the time, I was lucky if I put up one post a month.

Ladies and gentlemen – enjoy.

And she wins, big.


So, I’ve been reading Jenny Lawson’s blog, The Bloggess, for years now. Learning that she was writing a book was cool – a whole book filled with stuff like her blog? Yes, please, sign me up. I lived vicariously through the editing, through the picking out of cover artwork, through the tales of time spent recording the audio book.

Then the countdown was on for publication of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. Finally we could preorder the book. I did, and paid for mine (indirectly) with Christmas Lights. (Best method of payment, ever, imho.) I requested a signed Hamlet von Schnitzel bookplate. Then I saw all the bookplates Jenny had to sign and I felt really guilty for requesting it. There were book trailers, and people being held at knifepoint, claiming to be Jenny Lawson. Honestly, a fun time was had by all.

At last, April 17th was here and I was at Barnes and Noble at opening so that I could be the first to buy the book. (But first, I had to give it a better location as well as multiple facings on the New Fiction table.) Oh, and yes, I know I preordered it but I was going to send a copy to my big kid who lives in Chicago. I had other erranding to do so stopped at a Books-a-Million and reset their New Fiction display as well.

Finally I was home and I could read the book. I am all about a book that causes me to laugh out loud. This book did that and more. Oh my goodness. There were bits that had me crying as well but you know what? Rollercoasters are fun and sometimes you just have to get on, strap in and throw your hands in the air. (Oh, change a couple of prepositions around and I could be talking about a whole different kinda book…) Finished it the next morning and was happy to see via Twitter that Jenny’s book tour in progress was a success.

It’s a week later. In addition to the two copies I bought, I also bought the audiobook version. I’m all about the outtakes and the bonus chapter. Balls. Oh, and VAGINA! Excellent. I plan on loading the book onto my iPod so that I can listen to it on plane trips and car rides. I hope I’m sitting next to people who don’t mind maniacal laughter from their seatmates.

I’m happy to say that I helped in a tiny way to get Jenny to a coveted place for writers – The New York Times Best Sellers List. Look at whose first book debuted at Number 1 –

Victor will never ever be allowed to forget this. Perhaps we could hire someone to walk into rooms before The Bloggess and announce “New York Times Best Selling Author, Jenny Lawson.” (Oh, and it’s jEnny, not jInny. Don’t forget.)

P.S. Note to self – do not listen to the HR chapter of this book while driving with the windows down. People tend to look at you funny if they think you’re asking about their penis.