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The Sassiest Unicorn in all the Land


I love vintage things. I love them and I buy them and, because I have no desire to be featured on a future episode of Hoarders, I list most of them in my Vintage shop on Etsy.

I found this vintage tea towel yesterday.


“Lion and Unicorn”


The lion is all RAWR and stuff but the unicorn – he is fabulous.


He is the sassiest unicorn in all the land. His name is Frank. Frank doesn’t have time for this crap and he wants you to know that.


Double Unicorn Success Club


So, I was at a favorite thrift this morning. As I walked down their figurine aisle, I spotted something amazing, and then I spotted its mate.

Double Unicorn, WHAT?

Then, I turned them around.

Oh. My. Rainbowlicious Goodness. Double Unicorn Rainbow Success Club, yes indeedy.

I knew I’d have to pass these along to The Bloggess as they look like they sort of belong to her. I hope she understands that I mean that in the best possible of ways.

(Also, great timing – she just announced the paperback release of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. See post below.)

Fondue Forks as an Art Piece


I love fondue. I love the kitsch factor of fondue parties from the 70’s. I can’t help but smile when I see vintage pots in shops. I can’t help buying all the vintage fondue fork sets I see when I’m shopping. It’s a sad, sad addiction.

This is one of my favorite sets – the stand makes a simple housewares item into a sculptural piece.