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Dressing Your Octopus


Brian Kesinger is an artist who works at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He’s got a series of books about a girl, Victoria, and her pet octopus, Otto. He’s got a Kickstarter running right now for the creation of a Paper Doll book called Dressing Your Octopus. Although it reached full funding in 17 hours, and has hit 200% in less than 3 days, it still has a lot of time left which means loads of suprises, stretch goals and perks.

The Reading Rainbow Kickstarter


So, you might’ve heard about the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter. LeVar Burton purchased the rights to the show when it went off the air and has been working with his partner and company to bring it together as an App. The Kickstarter is designed to help bring it to all online platforms and to make it available to schools nationwide.


The campaign’s initial goal was to raise $1 million.Well, they did that in 11 hours. And then LeVar’s reaction made everyone cry.



Now they’re trying to get to $5 million, which will allow them to get into low income schools at no fee.

I’m a proud backer from Day 1. Reading is very important to me. I think in a day when standardized this and CORE that are what teachers are having to concentrate on, some kids are missing out on the whole “reading is fun” thing. Reading Rainbow can help with that.

They’re even thinking about updating the theme song.



No, no they’re not.


If you’re a fan of Reading Rainbow – or simply a fan of reading – and you haven’t backed the Kickstarter yet, please consider doing so. No donation is too small and there are some awesome rewards you can pledge for as well.



Jill Thompson’s Scary Godmother Doll Kickstarter


Jill Thompson, comic illustrator extraordinaire and creator of Scary Godmother has just opened a Kickstarter with the hope of getting enough money to fund the production of a Scary Godmother DOLL!


As of August 17, around noon EST, the current pledged total is $43,950. When I pledged last night, it was at $26,000 or so. The full amount needed is $150,000. It’s looking pretty good at this point. Jill has mentioned stretch goals – she’d love to be able to add things like clothing but wants to get the doll made first. Hopefully once the goal is reached, other things will be added.

She looks like she’ll be a fun item to have.

Moms Mabley Documentary


Just a followup to yesterday’s post. Today is the last day for the Moms Mabley documentary KickStarter that Whoopi Goldberg has running.

Go to the KickStarter page and see what it’s all about. About $5,000 to go.


Whoopi Goldberg’s KickStarter


I follow Whoopi Goldberg on Twitter. I have loved her for years and years. I can remember being a fairly young peep when she did her stand up show with the bit about using a towel and pretending it was her long hair.

Whoopi recently tweeted about something near and dear to her heart. She’s currently working on a documentary about Moms Mabley called “I Got Somethin’ To Tell You”. She’s on KickStarter to raise funds to finish up the last bits of production. She’s already put in loads of her own money and appreciates that having some money put in by fans adds something to the project.

Go to the KickStarter page and see what it’s all about. The campaign ends tomorrow (7/26/2012) and at this time, there is $8,000 to go.