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INXS – This Time


I was walking out of IKEA a couple of days ago and heard the opening bars of INXS’ This Time. For me, that’s the best part of the song but as I was with my husband who was already a full on grown up in the 1980’s (and completely unappreciative of New Wave music), I couldn’t stand and listen. Watching the video this morning, I’d forgotten how absolutely fluffy their hair looked. They could have been in a Pantene commercial.

INXS – Mediate


As I’m in the DC area and we have the joy that is Hurricane Sandy coming to pay a visit, I’m gonna schedule a few posts in advance so that I can maintain my daily postings.

As a girl who was a teen in the 1980’s, INXS were one of my favorite bands. Michael Hutchence was an amazing performer – truly a great frontman. Their song Need You Tonight had Mediate tied to it but radio stations rarely played the two together. I loved the video for Mediate. Now you can, too.

Don’t Change by INXS


Don’t Change by INXS – Michael Hutchence, such a wonderful presence with such an amazing voice (and such a sad end). This song reminds me of driving with my top down back in the late 80’s.When I’m in my car now, if is comes on the radio, the volume gets cranked. “I found a love I had lost. It was gone for too long.”

Originally, I had the actual video for this but it was pulled. This is a video montage based on a live performance. He was so freaking amazing to see live. Just non stop movement. I wish he had been better able to battle his demons.