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Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2


SPOILER ALERT – I discuss actual movie scenes – SPOILER ALERT  – Read at your own peril.


OK, as evident by the post below, I had some demands to make of the movie making peeps. They did good. This movie was by far the most “stick to the story” of them all. They did take liberties and they did create scenes that weren’t in the book but mostly, I think, to take out fluff and to condense longs bits into short ones. They did however do a few things that had me gnashing my teeth.

They didn’t have Harry go to Ravenclaw Common Room. Instead, he appears in the Great Hall and then McGonagall shoos Snape away.  Most of what is supposed to happen occurs – no Carrow introductions though.

We don’t see the scene where Fred dies. We do see him in the Great Hall.

Harry, on his way to the Forest, is supposed to talk to Neville about the snake. We’re also supposed to see that Colin Creevey has been killed. Instead, we don’t see Neville at all.

Neville is supposed to kill Nagini in front of Lord Voldemort. Instead, a chase scene through the castle was created where Ron and Hermione try to kill it with Basilisk fangs (Harry tries as well at one point). In the end they’re saved by Neville who uses the Sword of Gryffindor to do the deed. Really unnecessary, IMO, as they could have kept closer to the scene in the book to allow for more true following of the story.

Harry as well is supposed to have a simple duel with Voldemort. Instead, they have Voldy do his flying thing all over the castle while he tries to simply strangle Harry to death. Kinda stupid. Fans of the book don’t need chase scenes, they need the story they know brought to life.

The final scene, before the epilogue. What were they thinking? In the book, Harry takes the Elder wand and goes with Ron and Hermione to the Headmaster’s Office. There he’s greeted with applause from all the portraits and talks to Dumbledore about how he’s going to put the wand back in the crypt and how it will be of no use to anyone once he (Harry) dies of old age. He uses the wand one time to repair his own broken original wand. Instead, the movie peeps created a scene where Harry basically snaps the wand in two, throws it into a ravine, and that’s that. WTF.

They did a decent job but I really still do not understand why they create extra crap and leave out important things. My husband gets hissy with me and says “Jo Rowling gets to approve what they do.” Well, I’m sure she gets screenplay approval but still, how hard would it be to just film just what’s in the book? No fluff, no muss.