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Eat, eat


Took Bear to our vet yesterday. He weighs 47 pounds. When he’s filled out like he should be, he should be well over 60 – he’s very, very ribly at the moment – it’s hard to see with his coat. The only thing is that he never completely finishes his food. Plus, he’s on meds right now. Once he’s done eating, I have to look through his bowl, pull out missed meds and give them to him in a glob of peanut butter. Fun. Morgan doesn’t mind as she gets PB as well. She really wishes that I’d let her finish all his meals though.

bon appétit’s 50 Best New Restaurant Nominees


Our big kid graduated from the Culinary Institute of America’s Pastry Program in 2010. Kayleigh’s first job out of school had her moving to Chicago, to work at a much hyped bakery that, in the end, could have been a class unto itself in “How not to run a business 101”. She gave notice after half a year and began job hunting again.

She staged at a few places and then responded to an ad from Amanda Rockman, pastry chef at the Bristol, one of the Boka Group’s restaurants. The group was in the process of opening a new restaurant called Balena. Kayleigh was offered a job that day.

Fast forward many months later. Balena has just been named to bon appétit’s 50 Best New Restaurant list. It is one of only two Chicago restaurants to make the list.


Riley on Marketing and Food


My local ABC station showed a YouTube video at Christmas that featured a little girl named Riley talking about how toys were marketed to children. She was not happy that girls only had pink stuff to pick from. Truly, a child wise beyond her years as she seems to understand the idea of gender stereotyping as a 4 year old.

Liked the video so much that I looked at other videos her parents had posted and found what is probably the best discussion of food I have ever heard. I know it’s long but the first 2:05 are the best, at least for me. Her facial expressions, hand movements and her pronunciation of various foods is yummalicious. It also explains why she’s holding a Fred from Scooby Doo doll in the marketing video.

“That’s the only thing they have on the menu for me, the only thing.”

Gahhhhh, now they’ve made a remixed version of Riley on Marketing. I’m putting this song on my iPod.