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Obama Library Announcement Video and a Near Heart Attack


So, I was scrolling my newsfeed on Facebook yesterday and came upon a post from Sauce & Bread Kitchen, the shop where my daughter works. Anne, one of the owners, had posted the video of the Obama Presidential Library announcement with the caption “Recognize any place or anyone in this most amazing announcement….”.

I started watching and then I shouted very loudly, using very bad words in my shock and surprise. Not only is my Big Kid in the background of a scene in the video, but she’s got some fabulous close-ups as well.

Mmmmmmm, brains…


So, the hubster and I went to a movie over the weekend with one of the three kids. We left the 11 year old at home with the 21 year old. The former because she wasn’t in a movie mood and the latter because she was just in the stages of waking up when we were leaving.

Four hours later, after the movie and a sit down lunch, I got a text from the big kid. The back and forth was so amusing to me, I had to share.

Kayleigh – Are y’all alive?

Me – As a matter of fact, no, we’re not. We are on our way home to eat your brains. Please make sure they’re fresh.

Kayleigh – Would you like them slightly seared with wasabi and ginger sauces on the side?

Me – Oh, sounds lovely, but sashimi style is fine.

Kayleigh – Okay. How far away are you? I’d like to see if Caribou has any deals before you eat my brain.

Me – You can vamoose – we’re 10 minutes away. Mocha infused brains would make a delicious dessert…

Kayleigh – I won’t vamoose until you are here. Don’t want to leave the medium brains alone.