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Vintage fabric can be fun…


…and oh so surprising.

I was shopping at a favorite thrift, killing time before seeing Cloud Atlas. In the fabric section, I found several different very vintage Waverly fabrics so I was looking at prints carefully to make sure I didn’t miss any of them. I saw what I thought was an interesting but non Waverly print – kinda Boho in color scheme and pattern.

Hold on a sec – those are period Pin-up girls

Freaking awesome! I love to think of some secretary in some boring office somewhere using this fabric to make a very non standard work dress.

LISTED IN MY ETSY SHOP – https://www.etsy.com/listing/115238057/vintage-pin-up-girls-in-period-dress

Coffee Cup Sleeves – Cozies


Today is another “I have no idea what to say” kinda day. Since I started writing about Shoes and their Countdown to Ignition promo last month, I’ve written a post every day and I plan on continuing in that thread.

I’m not a big coffee shop drinker but I do find myself occasionally getting a hot or cold drink from one of the chains. I am very much not a fan of the cardboard sleeves that they give you. They’re bulky and uncomfortable and really don’t help all that much. Cold drinks? Forget about it.

One day I was looking at some fabric and had a Voila moment. I could make my own cup sleeve. Created a pattern, threw some fabric and lining material together and my line of Cup Sleeves was born.