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Doctor Who and the Robot of Sherwood, 2.0


Found another interview with Mark Gatiss where he dishes on more of the stuff about this fab episode of Doctor Who. This one is with Entertainment Weekly.

“Ah, well, it’s the Doctor meets Robin Hood. That’s the most straightforward pitch there’s ever been, really! Steven (Moffat, Doctor Who executive producer) said to me, “Would you do Robin Hood?” And I thought, “Yes!” I’ve always been a huge fan of the Errol Flynn film (1938’s Michael Curtiz-directed The Adventures of Robin Hood), one of the greatest films I think ever made.”


Doctor Who and the Robot of Sherwood


I’ve watched the occasional episode of Doctor Who since it came back on air. I was not a religious watcher – if I happened to find a rerun that caught my attention, I might watch a show or two before moving on to something else.

The casting of Peter Capaldi has changed this. I’m a weekly watcher now, planted in front of the TV at 9:00 pm, ready for some fun.

Episode 3 did not disappoint. The episode was Robot of Sherwood, Clara chose to meet Robin Hood and the Doctor agreed.

The Hollywood Reporter has done a fab interview with Mark Gatiss about this one.

One of my favorite bits from the interview?

Mark Gatiss: “They go back to 12th-century Nottingham and discover that they’re in the middle of the Errol Flynn movie.”

I can’t think of a more fun place to be…

In like Flynn – you wish…


Watching Good Morning America this morning and am offended by the erratic beast that is Charlie Sheen. 

At one point the interviewer said – “But you love to party.”

Charlie responded – “I mean, what’s not to love? Especially when you see how I party, man. It was epic. The run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards – all of them, just look like, you know, droopy eyed armless children.”

This upsets me on many levels. First – don’t put Errol Flynn & Frank Sinatra in the same company as the Stones. The former were primarily womanizing drinkers while the latter were hard drug abusing somethings. Second, you don’t have the talent that any of them had / have in their little fingers. This is alot coming from me as I cannot stand the Rolling Stones.

You were offended when the interviewer suggested that you might be bi-polar. You seemed to think that the idea of being on medication was a bad thing. Dude, you’ve been self medicating for years.


*And apparently, he likes to compare himself to Flynn alot –


Nora Roberts & Errol Flynn


And this is why a Nora Roberts book can be a fun read – “There were times he made her impatient. He was a bit too impulsive, and often showy. Errol Flynning it, she thought.”

I admire a writer who can work Errol Flynn into a supernatural tale about witches, demon hunters and vampires… (Dance of the Gods)