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The kitchen has been destructified


Yeah, I know, not a real word but very fitting.

The contractors came out today – a crew of 2 young guys who knew their way around a pry bar and a SawzAll. First, they made sure that the garage full of Kraftmaid cabinetry was what I ordered and that it arrived damage free. Check. Melanie made sure I kept a few of the monster sized boxes for her for the fort she wants to build.

Then they commenced destructifying my kitchen. Goodbye old 70’s wretchedness. Cabinets and counters were chopped, yanked, pulled and ripped out until I was left with nothing but a really hideous row of tile backsplash. I did save a piece of my really groovy green formica counter – I plan on making a table top with it that will go into my mid century modern hang out room.

Kitchen 2a


Once the boys were gone for the day, I finally got around to ripping off the tile backsplash. Really ugly stuff with thick heavy grout. The trash can they went into weighs, well, alot.

I now have a bare wall kitchen. The dishwasher and refrigerator are sort of in place, but that’s it.

Kitchen 4

Kitchen 3

The demolition of a kitchen


We’re in the process of moving from Roswell, GA to Silver Spring, MD. The house we bought is one of those where you say “Oh, it has great bones.” What you really mean is “Wow, there’s alot of work to do.”

Since the end of April, we’ve removed carpet, wallpaper, old lighting fixtures, bathroom counters, toilets and other general stuff. We have had new carpet & hardwood floors installed, have had the house painted inside, have had 6 trees removed from the yard, have put in new kitchen appliances, had new windows installed and put in a new garage door.

Next on the list, kitchen demolition. The new cabinets were delivered last Friday and are currently taking up 1/2 of the 2 car garage. The contractor comes tomorrow to begin the removal of the ugliness that is currently my kitchen. I’m sure back in the mid 70’s, cabinets in a really ugly shade of dark brown were all the rage. And adding those heavy looking Spanish influenced handles were the way to go but now, not so much. Oh, and the backsplash tiles that feature jugs of wine, bowls of fruit and baskets of bread. Um, meh. I’ve chosen to remove them myself, because the cost quoted by the contractor to do that is beyond amusing.

I think I might keep a log of the daily kitchen work here. I’ve got digital albums of the rest of the house – the whole before, during and after is so much fun.

Here are some of the befores:


Kitchen as it was when we purchased the house.

Everyone wants an avocado dishwasher, right?

Everyone wants an avocado dishwasher, right?

New stove and microwave installed.

New stove and microwave installed.

New fridge and dishwasher.

New fridge and dishwasher.