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Hoobastank Concert Photo Contest


UPDATED  Contest is over. I was 6th place in voting but the guys get to decide what pics they like best. I would hope that Dan likes his feet…

Hoobastank is coming out with a new album in September. They’re running a contest right now on Facebook for tour photos. I’ve been to several shows and as I have a thing for guitars and pedals, I usually stand near Dan Estrin, guitar player extraordinaire. I end up with alot of photos of his feet. The pic I’ve entered in the contest is from 2006. I was so enamored with this picture that it’s been the wallpaper on all my computers since.

If you could take a moment and vote for me, that would be awesome! Thanks.


Hoobastank – This is Gonna Hurt


Hoobastank is coming out with a new album this summer – Fight or Flight. The first single is This is Gonna Hurt. Video is very cool – just the lyrics but they move along to the beat of the music.

Looking forward to seeing them in Baltimore on July 20 – ten years and one day from the first time I saw them live and met them for the first time. Kayleigh and I met them four times through meet and greets over a period of  four years. It was fun to see her grow up with them. Would love to get the same chance with Mel. (Updated 7/13/12, 5 pm -How sad is it that I knew a show was cancelled a good 12 hours before the venue did? People in charge, I’m not sure what you’re playing at but the only way to get the word out about new Hooba music is to let the boys play live shows. Cancelling half the scheduled dates is a pretty sucky move.)

A Hoobastank / Kayleigh timeline – 7/19/02, 3/06/04, 5/16/06

Pieces by Hoobastank


Pieces by Hoobastank – This song just makes me want to jump up and down. Have I mentioned that I’m 40 and about as close to a soccer mom as you can get without actually having a child who plays soccer? I can’t help myself, I become a spring every time I see them perform this in concert. It’s also on my Walking Playlist and I’m able to up my speed on the treadmill as soon as I hear the opening. I love the effects pedal that Dan Estrin uses at the beginning. I wish there was a way to type the sound he makes… “Suffocating, sinking further almost every day. Barely treading water, knowing I will not give up, I will not give up. I will not give up.”

(FYI – there was no official video for this song but found a nicely edited one set to Anime.)


I love watching his feet at concerts. How weird is that? He keeps them very busy.

I love watching his feet at concerts. How weird is that?