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Paper Smooches Retro Fab Challenge


Paper Smooches currently has a Sparks Challenge up.

The challenge is to create a retro fab item that uses a Paper Smooches stamp. I’m doing a card for Operation Write Home. My retro twist is that I’m using a vintage library card with the sentiment “Check you out!” along with a Paper Smooches digi owl.

I created this card using the following:

White cardstock base
Blue cardstock from Scrap Stash
Vintage library card tag using Sizzix Scallop Tag Combo Set
Sentiment from computer
Owl from Paper Smooches
Dimensional Foam
Crayola markers
Embroidery Floss

Shoes – Hot Mess Video


Another video is up from the new Shoes album Ignition. It’s for Hot Mess. Do you like cats? You’ll like this video

Hot Mess
Lyrics by Shoes

Composed by Murphy/Klebe/Murphy


She’s got good motor skills
When she’s stuffed to the gills
So honey say what you will

She’s no stranger to pain
She sleeps in the rain
‘Cause she’s got nothin’ to gain

Ooh she’s a hot mess
Been tryin’ to pin her down
Such a hot mess
She’s bound to be makin’ rounds

She’s a hot mess

She does her personal best
With stains on her dress
She’s a reliable wreck

She’s been payin’ her dues
With her skanky tattoos
And her sensible shoes


She lets her juices flow
When she’s layin’ low
Cuz that’s how she rolls

She’s got a lopsided grin
When she don’t know where she’s been
She’s my possible kin


She comes across as a man
With her spray-on tan
But she don’t give a damn

She wears her hair in a bun
When she gets the job done
She takes no shit from no one


She’s a hot mess
Couldn’t care less
Makes a hot mess


John: lead vocal, bass, handclaps
Gary: electric guitars
Jeff: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars (includes lead), handclaps

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Playing Hide and Seek with a Killer Whale


A friend recently posted on Facebook that she was heading to Sea World with her family. I commented that she needed to make sure to go to the lower viewing area at the Killer Whale exhibit (assuming it is still open) for some great photo ops.

Spring Break 2008, we took a cruise from NYC to the Bahamas. The first stop was Port Canaveral so we rented a car and spent the day at Sea World. At one point while just walking around, we found an area where there are viewing panels to watch the Killer Whales. At the time, there were some youngsters in the tanks and there were super playful. They’d come to the glass to check stuff out, swim away and then come back again. I got some great pics of our youngest daughter with them.

I see you.

I see you, too.

Riley on Marketing and Food


My local ABC station showed a YouTube video at Christmas that featured a little girl named Riley talking about how toys were marketed to children. She was not happy that girls only had pink stuff to pick from. Truly, a child wise beyond her years as she seems to understand the idea of gender stereotyping as a 4 year old.

Liked the video so much that I looked at other videos her parents had posted and found what is probably the best discussion of food I have ever heard. I know it’s long but the first 2:05 are the best, at least for me. Her facial expressions, hand movements and her pronunciation of various foods is yummalicious. It also explains why she’s holding a Fred from Scooby Doo doll in the marketing video.

“That’s the only thing they have on the menu for me, the only thing.”

Gahhhhh, now they’ve made a remixed version of Riley on Marketing. I’m putting this song on my iPod.