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The Joy of Converse Slip ons


I attended the CNN 30th Anniversary Bash on  6/12/10 at the National Press Club. Had just gotten food and was waiting to walk by Ted Turner while he had a picture taken with someone. (I wasn’t waiting for Ted, I just didn’t want to ruin someone’s photo op.) I was standing there patiently when he looked at me, smiled, and, in his wonderful southern accent, said “Great shoes!” How awesome is that? As I finally passed by, I put my hand on his shoulder and said in his ear “Comfort is key.” Then I walked back to Steve, demanded his Blackberry, and updated my Facebook status.

I was wearing a black top and white skirt. While we were getting ready for this, Steve commented that I should wear a pair of Converse. Never one to argue with that statement, I picked this pair. Tried a pair of cute white flats as well but these won. So glad they did!