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Rainbow Love, Day 15


This morning, I was busy freaking out after learning out that Shoes are playing in New York in May. What with buying a ticket to the show, booking Amtrak, finding a hotel and mapping out the best subway route to take, I got to my daily card a little bit later than usual. When I walked over to my table of craftiness, the first thing that caught my eye was the negative of a heart die-cut. Et VOILA, my card. (Day 15 of my Rainbow Love Challenge.)

Xerox Flecs cardstock, Lion Seamaid Ribbon, TPC Hugs and Kisses in VersaColor Black with Hampton Arts Clear Embossing Powder. Distress Inks Barn Door, Marmalade, Mowed Lawn, Faded Jeans, Dusty Concord.

Blue October played along


I saw Blue October at the Fillmore Silver Spring last night. They did a meet and greet before the show. We saw a three song soundcheck that included Things We Don’t Know About plus two other songs that have slipped from my head. I know, shame on me. Then we got a poster for Sway signed.

Once the poster was signed, we got back into line to get a picture taken with the band.

I’m a photo-phobe. For years, I’ve simply avoided having my picture taken – I’ve been like this since I was a teeny peep. At a wedding in 2009, my husband took a picture of the back of my head and it became my favorite. I decided earlier this year that if picture taking was going to occur, I’d just stand with my back to the camera.

I’ve explained to people I’ve been with since that that’s how I’m going to stand. They always ask why and I just tell them “It’s what I do.” I’ve had my picture taken with Nia Vardalos this way – she faced the camera so she could hold up her bestselling book Instant Mom. I also met Michael Nesmith and once I offered him the chance to stand with his back to the camera, he totally did.

So, anyway, we were all in line for our pic with Blue October. Generally, people were standing between Justin and Jeremy. Justin would reach out to put his arm around them and the pic would quickly be taken. Once it was my turn, I walked up to them and said “I’m going to stand with my back to the camera. Justin asked why but once I answered, he simply turned around as well. Then someone said “We should all just turn around.” Jeremy suggested that we could all look over our shoulders. I explained that that wasn’t how it worked and Click, the picture was taken. I ❤ people who are willing to play along.

The concert was outstanding. The band was super tight and Justin was in top form, even though the crowd was filled with drunk people who kept screaming his name throughout the entire show – like before and after every song. It got very old, very quickly. I have to hope that some of these people will be embarassed for themselves as they watch their cell phone videos and listen to all their slurring and screechy “Woooooooooooos”.

Here’s a video of Angels in Everything shot by someone at the show –

The night ended with me getting Justin’s setlist.

A wonderful evening, to be sure.

Robert Plant – Big Log soundbite


I saw Robert Plant last night at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA. It was an excellent show and he was in wonderful form. I enjoyed his performance immensely.

I did not, however, enjoy the drunk guys next to me who kept getting in trouble for doing an audio recording of the show. I also did not enjoy the drunk hippie chick metalhead in front of me. One minute she was wavering around like a flower child and the next her arms were in the air and she was throwing around devil horns while flailing about like she was in a mosh pit. Oy.

I’d been looking at setlists for this tour and knew that there’d be two songs at encore. I assumed that the first would be Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down. I was prepared for that. It’s from Band of Joy, a project I really didn’t care for all that much but I do like the song. Man oh man was I a deliriously happy bunny when the opening guitar bit to Big Log came over the speakers. My first favorite Robert Plant song – see my post from June 7 – he even talked about the heavy rotation of the video when he was done.

I was able to get a small bit of the song with my camera* – my favorite verse – the school house portion of the original video.

*They were going after everyone doing any kind of recording.

Aha, just found a video of the New Orleans show from 7/17/13 – here’s the full version of the song –

Cheap Trick – Fillmore Silver Spring


After seeing Kathy Valentine’s pictures with the members of Cheap Trick this morning on Facebook, I realized I never wrote about the silliness at the Cheap Trick show I went to last December.

I’ve loved Cheap Trick for years – since middle school – but for some reason or another had never seen them in concert. Made sure to get to the venue early for a front row spot. Was probably about the tenth person in line. Once we got in, I immediately ran to the stage and placed myself between where  Rick and Robin would be.

The show was awesome. The guys played great, Robin sounded amazing. Rick’s guitars were as much of a show as he was.

Before the encore, Rick came out, holding a towel and a bottle of water.

He took a sip from the bottle and chucked it off stage. It literally flew into my hand and I caught it with only a drop spilled. I held it the rest of the concert.

When it was over, the woman I’d been standing next to and I had a chat about the bottle. I said that I really hoped that he didn’t have cooties as I was really thirsty and was gonna drink it. She said he probably didn’t have cooties and then I said that if he did, they’d be really cool cooties. I drank it on the drive home. I was hoping that perhaps I’d wake up and be a guitar virtuoso but alas, it was not to be.

I did keep the bottle.