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Keep Your Neck Warm


As my creativity is zero right now in the humor department, I’ll share one of my compulsions.

I knit. Alot. Really – very much alot. I have to keep my hands busy and one of the ways that I do this is knitting. I currently have 4 totes of scarves that I’ve made. One of the totes is full of scarves that I have listed in my Etsy shop – HandKnit ScarfShop. The others are waiting to get listed.

My current faves are pullover cowls / neckwarmers made from a really bulky yarn. They’re huge and offer a great deal of neck and throat coverage. I’m big on this – if my neck is warm, I’m warm. They can also be worn multiple ways –  they can lay flat for full neck and throat coverage, can be folded over for a collared look or can be gathered for a looser feel.

Thick and Plush Dusky Purple Cowl Scarf Neckwarmer

Keep your neck warm, look fab and help make sure that my house doesn’t become over run with scarves.

It’s cold outside…


I was raised in Florida. A cold day there meant that I had to wear a coat when I drove my convertible with the top down.

I live in Maryland now. A cold day here means that the heat goes on in mid October. We lived in London for nearly a year. I loved it but it was grey, cold and rainy alot of the time. I feel like I’ve moved back there – the weather here has been horrible – low 40’s, grey, rainy and generally icky.

I’d like a place that stays mid to high 70’s year round. A visit into the 80’s wouldn’t be so bad either. Anyone have any brochures for my ideal place?