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Thanks a latte


I’ve been playing with my Silhouette today, trying to create a standard folding to go coffee cup card.

This was my first attempt – after cutting it I realized my proportions were off. It’s kinda small for Operation Write Home.

Xerox Flecs Cover, Graphic 45 Kraft, Wausau Bright White. Sentiment is Doodlebug and TPC in Memento Rich Cocoa.

I like you a latte


Today’s card uses a new Silhouette image – Coffee Cup Gift Card Set.

I lined the inside of the card with solid white and added a reinforcement strip to the inside of the flap join as it’s fairly small.

Xerox Flecs Cover, Wausau Bright , Graphic 45 Kraft Reflections Straight to the Point. TPC Studio Coffee Cafe in Memento Rich Cocoa.

Coffee Cup Sleeves – Cozies


Today is another “I have no idea what to say” kinda day. Since I started writing about Shoes and their Countdown to Ignition promo last month, I’ve written a post every day and I plan on continuing in that thread.

I’m not a big coffee shop drinker but I do find myself occasionally getting a hot or cold drink from one of the chains. I am very much not a fan of the cardboard sleeves that they give you. They’re bulky and uncomfortable and really don’t help all that much. Cold drinks? Forget about it.

One day I was looking at some fabric and had a Voila moment. I could make my own cup sleeve. Created a pattern, threw some fabric and lining material together and my line of Cup Sleeves was born.

Unpacking from a move…


As I sit here in what is my new office in my house in Silver Spring, MD, I am surrounded by chaos. There are boxes EVERYWHERE. Some are full, some are empty. Some are stuffed with tissue or bubblewrap while some have already been broken down. There is stuff on the floor, on furniture – even furniture on furniture. The kitchen counter is so crowded with assorted things that I was lucky to find my coffee maker this morning.

Unpacking from a big move is no fun.  I’m hoping that I will get the kitchen sorted today. It’s always hard to find new homes for things when they’ve had another home in another house. Have to keep thinking about space and ease of use and logistics. It’s too early to think of logistics right now… Perhaps after another cup of coffee or two my brain will function better. Wish me luck.

Being Green at the Coffee Shop


For my day job, I work at a school in the front office. We’re forever getting gifts from parents – thanks for tolerating my kids, thanks for being good people to my kids etc. I end up with alot of Starbucks gift cards. It dawned on me one day, as I made use of one of these cards, that the cardboard sleeve is not very comfortable to hold. It’s bulky and awkward.

Hmmm, there must be a solution to this.  Helpful that I grew up as the child of a father who owned a Singer sewing store. I spent my young childhood around fabric and machines. I’ll make a fabric sleeve – and will line it with fleece. Beaded and Buttoned Cup Cozys were born.

I’ve just relisted a few in my shop – they’re fun, they’re green and they fit on all 3 sizes of hot and cold cups. Your hand stays cool with hot coffee and doesn’t freeze when you’re drinking a Frapp. Check them out –

Merlot & Leafy Green Cup Cozy

Merlot & Leafy Green Cup Cozy