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Outback Menu = TMI


So, to celebrate some good news regarding a cruise my family is taking in July, my DH Steve and I went to dinner at Outback. We’re fans of the restaurant and go a couple of times a month.

We sat down in our booth and Steve commented, “Wow, they changed the menus.” I opened mine to take a look (I sat down knowing that I was going to get the Alice Springs Chicken with a Jacket Potato, no sour cream). OMFG, they added the calories of each dish onto the menu. No f’ing way do I  want to know how many calories are in the Bloomin’ Onion and how many people it’s supposed to serve, I just want to eat my fried vegetable in oblivious bliss.

To make matters worse, they even included caloric info on their drinks. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, don’t tell me that a Margarita has that many calories. And definitely don’t tell me that the top shelf has that many more. I just want to order my meal, and my occasional drink and enjoy myself. Don’t ruin it for me.

I guess the next time I go, and I’m not sure what I want, I’ll have to cover my eyes like I’m at a scary movie, just so I can see the menu items sans bad news.