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Amanda Palmer Ted Talk – The Art of Asking


I follow Amanda Palmer on Twitter and love her open way of speaking. Talks of touring and needing a practice piano and believing that being there for a lifelong friend in a time of need trumps a tour. She’d been posting about being at TED and what she should talk about.

In the end, she talked about what she knows best – The Art of Asking. If you have a heart, you’ll need a tissue or two.

Amanda Palmer – Do it With a Rockstar


Amanda Palmer tweeted that her new video for Do it With a Rockstar was ready for perusal. She included a link to her blog where she gave the backstory on the premise.

The video is excellent. Love the song, love the vignettes.

**Not safe for work or if you’re offended by nudity, general debauchery or – even worse – glitter.**

The Let’s Pretend This Never Happened Book Trailer


I was on Twitter this morning and saw Amanda Palmer tweeting about a show she did in Manchester. Here is her PSA on concert attendance – “PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT TO EVERYBODY ATTENDING MARATHON ROCK & ROLL SHOWS: DO NOT FORGET TO EAT & HYDRATE. OR YOU MIGHT FAINT. THE END“.

This got me thinking about how much I enjoyed her appearance in the book trailer for “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” by Jenny Lawson / The Bloggess. I then realized that I never posted this video here. That of course, is because at the time, I was lucky if I put up one post a month.

Ladies and gentlemen – enjoy.