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Dragons Are Awesome (Mermaids Are Okay Too)


I love Brian Kesinger’s Art – he’s done several books that feature Victoria and her land octopus Otto. Now he’s got a book of dragons. The Kickstarter for Penned Dragons is live. Funded in 1 hour, first stretch goal in 12. Halfway to mermaids!

Stripping Done Right


I’ve been stripping the paint off our front doors. It’s tedious but necessary before we repaint them as there are at least 2 layers of paint that were put on incorrectly so the paint is flaking and awful.

I did the right door last week and was working on the left one yesterday. I came in to help the kidlet with lunch. Once finished, the following conversation occurred:

Me: “I’m going outside to strip some more.”

Lg Fry: *silent judgement*

Me: “Stripping is my life. I love stripping.”

Lg Fry: “Mom.”

Me: “Your mother is a stripper.”

Lg Fry: “MOM!”