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Vertical Seam Face Mask


Sharing this because I want to be able to reference it. Also, friends have made it and it fits well for them, from toddler (with some adjustment to pattern size) to teen to mom.

(Please note on pattern below – this does not allow for seam allowance. Add 1/4″ around the edges of the mask pieces.)

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Outlander | ‘Wilmington’ Ep. 8 Preview | Season 4


So, this is a preview to episode 9. In episode 8, we see Brianna at Lallybroch, where Ian brings her a chest of her mother’s clothes. As this scene unfolded, my heart stopped a beat and I fervently wished that Claire’s scarf might be inside.

The title of this preview should be “The SCARF has returned!”, which is what I began cheering as soon as it appeared on screen.Bree

Her mother wears this scarf in season 1 (as well as in some of the original publicity shots for the show). As soon as the original episode aired, I knew I had matching yarn and I created my own version. I put it in my Etsy shop & it sold within a few hours. So I made another one and listed it. That was 4 years ago. I still sell this scarf on a regular basis, year round. So very happy to see it return to the show.


Like it? Want one of your own or for a special someone? Click the picture above or the link below:

Outlander Inspired Claire Fraser ScarfEtsy shop