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Vertical Seam Face Mask


Sharing this because I want to be able to reference it. Also, friends have made it and it fits well for them, from toddler (with some adjustment to pattern size) to teen to mom.

(Please note on pattern below – this does not allow for seam allowance. Add 1/4″ around the edges of the mask pieces.)

Our Stories Set Us Free | Jenny Lawson | TEDxSanAntonio


To preface this – Jenny had a panic attack while doing this talk – her blog post.

“When they were editing the video they asked if I wanted to leave the anxiety attack in and at first I thought we should because it was a real look at life with mental illness.  And then I remembered how many people, like myself, can fall into a panic attack when they see someone else have a panic attack in that contagious sort of way that broken minds work and so I told them to make their best judgement.  In the end they cut out the awkward minute and I think maybe that’s for the best, although you can tell the changes in my voice from before and after.”