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Creative Reuse in a pinch


Mel and I volunteer with a group called Scrap DC, a creative reuse and recycling center that focuses on things that artists use. Working with them has opened my eyes to interesting ways items can be repurposed.

I’m doing a festival today with items from both my jewelry and scarf shops. I realized that I needed another display for earrings but didn’t want to have to spend a retail price. Looked around and found a metal CD stand and a roll of that foamy shelf liner. Attached the liner with some black cotton crochet thread. VOILA. A groovy place for earrings and all for less than $5.


Vintage pottery can be a learning experience


I have lusted for vintage pottery for a very long time. I’m big on identifying patterns and shapes. For years and years, there has been a Blue Tulip pattern in pottery serving pieces that has been attributed to Cronin Pottery of Ohio, namely because the mark used on the bottom was similar to a mark they used. It’s recently been discovered that in fact Blue Tulip is a Cameron Clay Products of West Virginia design.!/pages/Cameron-Clay-Products/250876448294945

Everyone could use some brains


We’ve all heard of the zombie apocalypse. Zombies are going to take over the world and they will be in search of brains. With these charming pendants, you can save a life – if a zombie comes to you, asking for brains, you can simply hand then your necklace. As zombies aren’t the smartest of creatures, you will confuse them and then you can escape.

Like the brains but want a different color? Please, let me know. I love making custom brains.

Fondue Forks as an Art Piece


I love fondue. I love the kitsch factor of fondue parties from the 70’s. I can’t help but smile when I see vintage pots in shops. I can’t help buying all the vintage fondue fork sets I see when I’m shopping. It’s a sad, sad addiction.

This is one of my favorite sets – the stand makes a simple housewares item into a sculptural piece.

Coffee Cup Sleeves – Cozies


Today is another “I have no idea what to say” kinda day. Since I started writing about Shoes and their Countdown to Ignition promo last month, I’ve written a post every day and I plan on continuing in that thread.

I’m not a big coffee shop drinker but I do find myself occasionally getting a hot or cold drink from one of the chains. I am very much not a fan of the cardboard sleeves that they give you. They’re bulky and uncomfortable and really don’t help all that much. Cold drinks? Forget about it.

One day I was looking at some fabric and had a Voila moment. I could make my own cup sleeve. Created a pattern, threw some fabric and lining material together and my line of Cup Sleeves was born.