I’m Kara – mom, wife, crafty type, handyman, music fan…  I like all sorts of stuff, from paper crafting to concerts, jewelry making to knitting, reading to shopping for cool kitsch.

The name Madame Wong comes from a joke between my husband and I – in the early days of our marriage, if I knew it was the hubster calling, I’d answer the phone “Madame Wong’s House of Whoopee”. After answering that way once when it wasn’t the hubster (whoops), I shortened it to Madame Wong’s. It’s also turned into a nickname of sorts – my Big Kid will refer to me as Madame Wong or MW. Anyway, so I’m not really Madame Wong but I like to pretend that I am.

This blog started out with no real theme – I didn’t write about one specific thing – it might be something that amuses me, something that ticks me off or a post about music, which is one of my most favorite things in the world. I spent about a year and a half featuring cards that I made for Operation Write Home. Then I went to college as an adult student so my paper crafting time turned into homework time. Now I’m graduated and working a grown up type job. Most current posts are video based. YouTube has a great deal of awesomeness.

I have 3 shops on Etsy – one for handmade jewelry, one for hand knit scarves and one where I sell vintage clothing and accessories.

etsy – Hand Knit Scarf Shop

etsy – Beaded and Buttoned

etsy – TCGH Vintage

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  1. Kara- Thanks for supporting Shoes and the new album, Ignition! We appreciate the support and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!


    Jeff Murphy/SHOES

    • I just had a minor *swoon* moment. Jeff, thank you and the guys for making such wonderful music for all of these years! I can’t wait for this new album.

  2. Just caught your mes Aire chairs & had to write you. I’m in Texas & still have the 2 arm chairs & 1 ottoman in this set which totally needs restoration. My parents bought them in the early 60’s shortly after we moved to Texas. Mom always said they were a Charles Eames design- NOT! But she’s gone now & they are cool!

    Karen in Texas

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