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Outlander | ‘Wilmington’ Ep. 8 Preview | Season 4


So, this is a preview to episode 9. In episode 8, we see Brianna at Lallybroch, where Ian brings her a chest of her mother’s clothes. As this scene unfolded, my heart stopped a beat and I fervently wished that Claire’s scarf might be inside.

The title of this preview should be “The SCARF has returned!”, which is what I began cheering as soon as it appeared on screen.Bree

Her mother wears this scarf in season 1 (as well as in some of the original publicity shots for the show). As soon as the original episode aired, I knew I had matching yarn and I created my own version. I put it in my Etsy shop & it sold within a few hours. So I made another one and listed it. That was 4 years ago. I still sell this scarf on a regular basis, year round. So very happy to see it return to the show.


Like it? Want one of your own or for a special someone? Click the picture above or the link below:

Outlander Inspired Claire Fraser ScarfEtsy shop