Daily Archives: November 27, 2017

Facts First


My husband worked at CNN at 2 different times for a total of 23 years. He works elsewhere now but is still a journalist and is proud of his time at the network.

Many of his friends still work there. Below is one’s response to 45’s Tweet (bottom of post).

26 years overseas
99 countries visited
Many Peace talks covered
Many Presidential overseas trips covered
Many happy joyous stories but…
Too many Protest marches covered
Too many terrorist events
Too many Hostile Environments and war zones
Too many bullets whizzed by
Too many Grad rockets and mortars flew overhead
Too much of my sweat in flak jackets
Too many refugees and internally displaced people filmed
Too much blood seen
Too many Mass graves filmed
Too many dead
Too many tears
Too much sadness
Too many injured colleagues
Too many hours away from my friends and loved ones covering news

But I am proud of my work with CNN and CNN International and I am proud of my colleagues.
And it always has been #factsfirst.
Even before there was a hashtag.