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Giant Spiders, Touching Hearts since 2002


We have an unusual yard decorating tradition. Every October 1st, we put out spider inflatables that stay out the entire month. The first time was 2002 – we had a single 8′ purple spider. Spidey moved with us to another house and went up every year, until dry rot called her to that big cobweb in the sky. I quickly found a replacement and then stocked up so I’d never be without a giant purple spider on my lawn.


In 2009, we moved to Maryland and ended up on a somewhat well traveled road. A year or so later, we added Terry Tarantula, a large black spider, so that Spidey 2 wouldn’t be alone. That was the year that we made it to Google Earth.


It’s now 2017. The Spiders made it Google Streetview last year.


We’re on Terry 2 and Spidey 4. Something happened on Wednesday that hadn’t happened before. My husband brought in the mail and opened an envelope and then began making “ooooh” sounds. He handed it to me and I was immediately verklempt (look for a video of Mike Myers doing a Linda Richman skit on SNL).

How nice is this?


I decided to show our appreciation in the best way possible.

IMG_0006 (1)

I hope I made Allison and Andrew’s day like they made mine!