Daily Archives: September 23, 2016

Damien Jurado – Reel to Reel


The synth sound in this is so entrancing, I’d like to make it my soundtrack.

Reel to Reel

You’re a smooth talker
With eyes like lightning
And the radio women
All sing like our mother

Put away the hairbrush you may be onto something we don’t know
I read it in the tabloids at a truckstop in a thunderstorm

You’re an escape artist
In the bathroom mirror
And autograph seekers
You’ve imagined outside the door

Yes we’d like a statement is it true you’re now escaping your room
From the light out in the basement we knew that there’d be trouble coming soon

Invisible audience
Ten hit records

Listen through your tincan as the rope cuts circulation to your tune
I’ve fashioned myself after you from my suicide and … puzzle
The greatest songs I’ll never hear from the band you started in your mind
Leave us hanging on your legend as you exit through the tape recorder

Reel to reel
Reel to reel
Reel to reel