Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Dollyrots – The BIG Announcement 2!


One of the most adorable announcement videos, ever. The Dollyrots are awesome!


The Monkees – Headquarters


Just saw the Monkees play a 50th Anniversary show in Washington, DC. I’ve seen their 20th in Sarasota, FL and their 30th in London, UK. I love them. I was born after the show was off the air but I grew up watching reruns in the 70’s and then on MTV in the 80’s. I’ve even got a Michael Nesmith lyric tattooed on my forearm, in his handwriting.


See, not kidding about my love of the band.

Headquarters was the first album where they had artistic control. Enjoy.

Foo Fighters – Up in Arms


A couple of days ago, I spent the first sunny day in 3 weeks outside weeding and edging and hedge trimming. I listened to the first 2 Foo Fighters records while doing so. Everytime I listen to The Colour and the Shape, I’m always reminded of how much I love the song Up in Arms. I decided to post about the song so went to YouTube looking for a video. There isn’t an official one but there’s a live version that has loads of hits so I decided to watch.

Oh. My. God. If I were Jim, I’d have passed out on the stage, right at Dave’s feet.

Here’s the  record version –