Daily Archives: September 27, 2015

Paul Blackthorne is AWESOME


Went to Baltimore Comic Con yesterday. They had a few media type guests along with many comic book artists and writers and inkers and editors and, well everyone involved in the making of comic books.

Anyway, one of the media type people was Paul Blackthorne, the actor who currently plays Quentin Lance on Arrow. For me, he will always be my Harry Dresden. The Dresden Files might not have been the best way to bring the books to TV but I loved Paul’s portrayal of Harry, and he is how I picture him when I read the books now. (*write faster Jim Butcher*)

So, I’m standing in line and when I’m bored, I knit. It’s a totally unconcious thing for me, all muscle memory. It’s my turn, I hand over my ticket, pick a Dresden Files image and commence talking to Paul who is lovely in person and very chatty and a bit snarky and willing to listen to people gush about anything. Plus, his natural accent is awesome. Then he stops speaking and just stares at my hands. “She’s knitting and she doesn’t even need to look to do it and my Nan used to do that” were the sorts of things he said once he began speaking again.

OH. MY. GOD. I have momentarily mesmerized Paul Blackthorne with my mad knitting skills. Life achievement unlocked.

He signed my picture, we finished chatting and I walked away from the booth, holding the pic away from me so the silver sharpie could dry. I put the pic in a sleeve and then tweeted my above statement because honestly, how many times do you get to mesmerize Paul Blackthorne in your life?

Once we got home, I pulled pictures out of the sleeve where I’d kept them and then began to laugh like a madwoman. Here is how he signed my picture –

“Nice scarf”