Daily Archives: June 15, 2013

A Black and White Thank You


Finally, I can actually create a card that is new to my brain. This past week has been no bueno – walked into my basement on Tuesday morning, only to discover that the monsoon rains we’d had the previous night had poured in, covering the entire floor in a fine layer of water and mud. Spent the day removing wet boxes, drying out family pictures and dealing with damp fabric items. Installed new window well covers, added plywood overlayment to them and prayed to the Basement Gods that they take pity on us. I even offered a Suburbanload of soggy cardboard as sacrifice. My prayers must have worked as we had no issues with the ugly weather than came through on Thursday. Now, I just have to get all the now dry dirt off the floor. I can live with dirt. I do not like water.

So anyway, today’s card makes use of Blog Candy that I received from she who is known as Sandy, Queen of Copics. I won this

from the OWH Memorial Day Bloghop and it was filled with all sorts of fun and tiny stamps. And it came with Dudley on a card * – you can see him being created here –

Here’s my card –

Xerox Flecs Cover, DP is Scrapbook Walls Black Gallery Blossoms, black Scallop is TPC Corduroy. The Precious. Sentiment is Stampin’ Up in Memento Tuxedo Black. I got a few of these round stamps in the candy. Wasn’t sure what to do with the solid one I got until I stamped this. It will make great googly eyes.

*Dudley is what I have decided this dragon’s name is – he’s from Dustin Pike.