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Mike Nesmith is Home Again


This is Mike’s Facebook post from earlier today.

Home again Home again.

Beautiful weather lovely lawns fragrant flowers — the pastures of heaven – or so Steinbeck had it.

A slow dawn walk reveals the perfect food.

A sugar cookie.

I gave Dale four this morning.

I can hear the rustling of the anti-sugar faction and the anti-gluten faction and the anti-butter faction – I have also seen recipes that include cream of tartar and a little vanilla and some almond flavoring – and I suppose there is a faction somewhere for or against each of those.

I appreciate everyone’s concern but ever since Joanne did not win the Pulitzer I have started to treat most of these concerns as a matter of opinion and look elsewhere for Principle.

My opinion is that the sugar cookie is one of nature’s perfect foods. Better even than an avocado which is clearly one of nature’s greats. Or the tomato – now redeemed from its long dark night as a toxin.

There are some among us who taste soap for cilantro and some who cannot eat meat or nuts or shellfish. I feel their pain. There are probably some things I cannot eat — I have not found them – but I can imagine it would be a drag to perceive something good as forbidden.

I am – to my everlasting joy — an omnivore which gives me a huge advantage on the road. Just the variations from burger to burger are minute but non-trivial.

The only barrier I have to food is the process of eating. Turning it from a wonderful thing to see and smell into a wonderful thing to taste and feel.

Food ergonomics are an enormous problem for me– especially on the road.

Paul and I went to the Carnegie in NYC and the two toothpicks in his sliced sandwich were almost twelve inches long. He had bratwurst – or maybe it was liverwurst – that came in a tower on the plate that was so high it wiggled when the server set it down. Hence the foot long tooth picks. It was hard to get on the table in one piece and impossible to eat by hand. The Earl of Sandwich would have been seriously honked off.

Paul tried to eat it with a fork.

I looked up from my Rueben a couple of times to see how he was doing – and he was muddling through with the help of tools – but the Rueben had me in a food ergonomics head lock so confusing that I couldn’t pay too much attention to Paul’s sandwich battle.

The Rueben was a messy mass of edibles that looked like a lake on my plate. The melted cheese had bonded all the ingredients in a clump and any rye bread was lost underneath a mountain of pastrami, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing — or in this case Billion Island dressing. (I ordered a Pastrami Rueben just for a little variation.)

I had to use a knife and fork and spoon and both hands and twelve napkins – more to defend myself than to beat the Rueben into submission. Finally the Rueben won. I only ate about a third of it – which is to say about four pounds. It cost 30 dollars.

Back here in my sylvan glen I gaze out upon nature’s order with refreshed eyes and a new appreciation for the simple and profound. As far as I know there are no car chases going on or sirens or lockdowns, threats or panic in these quiet woods — the awful stuff of opinion and struggle.

It is simple here.

Birds sing songs. Stinks eats Toots food she leaves in the bowl. Toots eats the sugar cookies I buy at the Safeway.

There is truth in nature. It is simple and ever present. It calms me. She provides things I can eat with one hand and one or two bites. She gives me ingredients and gentle persuasions about how to combine them. A little of this and a little of that — then taste it – eat it or don’t. It is always up to me and it is always a gift from the natural order.

Like sugar cookies.

I truly loved being on the road and meeting people and playing for them. I loved the people I was on the road with — Sam and Brock and Jessica and Tori and Boh and Paul and Joe and Chris and Cowboy — all traveling together in our merry caravan exploring the countryside and its friendly folks.

And now I am glad to be home. The place I live.

The Play Date Cafe Challenge 178


The latest challenge is up at The Play Date Cafe#178 Lightning Hot.

This is a CASE of my card from yesterday –

Pink and yellow are from stash. Speckled Grey is from Paper Garden Cropping Block pack. Sentiment & cup are TPC Studio Coffee Cafe. Memento Tuxedo Black.

Michael Nesmith is the Awesome


So, the hubster and I had tickets to the Michael Nesmith show that was at the Birchmere last night.

He was in top form, performing loads of solo stuff that spanned his 50 year career. He started the show by explaining that all his songs are like mini movies in his head. Before each one, he’d explain the vignette to us. So cool – it totally puts you in the right frame of mind for the song. One of my favorite songs from the setlist is Silver Moon. When I knew he was coming up to that point, I shot video of the explanation. (I absolutely adore his speaking voice. He could read a dictionary to me and I’d be spellbound.)

We also had passes to the Meet & Greet after the show. Strict rule – 1 Monkees item only, unlimited solo stuff. My husband was in line ahead of me. I shot video of his time with Nez. The beginning of it amuses me – his handler, Tori, asked why I was so serious, I whispered my response – “Because that’s Michael Freaking Nesmith.”

Notice that I didn’t drop the camera or squee like a fangirl when he smiled and waved at me…

When it was my turn, I had him sign the Monkees poster that I had in my room in the late 1980’s. Per my somewhat unusual request, he personalized it with “Listen to the Band”.

I explained that years of thought had gone into a tattoo decision and that I’d had an epiphany earlier in the day – the phrase / title “Listen to the Band” pretty much sums up everything in regards to music for me. Having that phrase written in his handwriting would allow me a very personalized tattoo that would really never go out of fashion.

**Updated 5/24/13 – here’s the tattoo a month later. I smile every time I see it. (The “Nez” was copied from our autographed Elephant Parts DVD.)**

The final wonderful moment of the night? I hate having my picture taken. At my brother in law’s wedding a few of years ago, my husband got a shot of me that has become my favorite. It’s been my FB profile pic for 4 years.

I pulled out my phone, showed Michael the picture and asked if he minded if I stood like that in the picture with him. I then said he could stand with his back to the camera as well. Guess what? HE TOTALLY PLAYED ALONG. He was even concerned that he wasn’t positioned like me.

How AWESOME is he? This is now my FB cover picture and I’ve cropped myself a new Profile shot.

He is absolutely gracious and kind. If you get a chance to meet him, please do. Make sure you treat him as personably as he treated us.

A quick Thinking of You


My brain is still “Holy guacamole, we met Michael Nesmith” from last night so today’s card is kinda late and super simple.

I based it off of OWH Sketch # 168. I still have 2 packs of the Making Memories Boho Chic Olivia papers. After seeing the sketch, I decided to take 1 whole pack and cut it down to 3″ square blocks. I then mounted those on black paper. The cards that I make will be variations on the sketch and will have different sentiments. This will probably be a weekend project. As I needed a speedy card for today, I grabbed 2 squares and threw this together.

Wausau Fleck cardstock, Black is TPC Corduroy, Making Memories Boho Chic Olivia. Sentiment is Studio 112 in Memento Tuxedo Black.

OWH Midweek Throwdown A Bug’s Life


The newest Midweek Throwdown is up at Operation Write Home – A Bug’s Life.

Wausau Fleck cardstock. Black & Lady Bug from Stash. Pink is Making Memories Boho Olivia Baroque. Sentiment is Studio 112 in Versacolor Black & Hampton Arts Embossing Powder. Pick Your Plum Pink and White Twine. Dimensional Adhesive. Fiskars Corner Punch. Spellbinders Large Scalloped Circles.