Mike Nesmith on Compliments that Count


Mike Nesmith posted this on his Facebook page earlier today –

Notes from the Road.

Presently ensconced in Harvard Square at one of my favorite hotels — a sixties classic. Up the road a ways the tour bus is parked behind the Somerville Theater where we perform tonight.

The next big event is lunch in a few hours. I don’t get East often enough to satisfy my love of East coast seafood –Lobster and Oysters and Clams — and out here it is all good.

Shows till now have been rewarding and gratifying — but the show at the Iron Horse in Northampton MA. carried one of the greatest compliments one can get. The owner of the club told me that the “servers loved it and that is was one of the best shows we have ever had!”

It may be that these are the most discerning of all the concert goers — and the toughest. First of all, they are working — they are not there for the concert — and second of all, they have to listen, to hear the music — they are not fans — and they have to work through night after night of acts and music and shows.

They get a hard look at a broad cross section of the music that is being made.

To garner the praise from such as these is better than “praise from Caesar” — better than journalists and music critics — and in certain respects even better than the fans themselves. Each one of course has its merit — but the praise of the hard working server struggling to make ends meet by long hours of service — someone who cares not a whit about the history or the personality of the band — and who only hears the real time music as it is played — is the sweetest of all.

It is heartfelt, deep, and real — a compliment given freely expecting nothing in return.

I cannot begin to express how delighted I am to be on the receiving end of that type of genuine appreciation.

Tonight in Somerville just down the road from Harvard and around the corner from MIT, up the street from UMASS and Boston U in the Northeastern enclave of the intellectual elite we will put on the same show that the servers from the Iron Horse loved.

Then off to The World Cafe, NYC Town Hall, and finally DC.

Home peeks through the distance –a tiny reflection of sunlight only now appearing on a far horizon. Beckoning.

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